Entrepreneurial Vitality Model

The course is designed for students of economic specializations and it involves the study of the fundamentals of the theory of entrepreneurship, the stages of the formation of the ethics as a discipline in the structure of humanitarian knowledge with an emphasis on its interdisciplinary nature, highlighting its importance in the modern scientific paradigm. The course will examine the Entrepreneurial Vitality Model, in which the sustainable development of the innovative activity is considered as a function with variables that act as the sources of the emergence of the entrepreneurial vitality.


  • Introduction to the Methodology of Science.
  • Entrepreneurial Vitality Model.
  • The fundamentals of the theory of entrepreneurship and its place in the structure of economic sciences.
  • The main directions of the development of cognitive science and its role in the development of the theory of entrepreneurship.
  • Ethical and aesthetic principles of entrepreneurial activity. Examples of ethical and aesthetic implementation of entrepreneurial activity.
  • Creativity and its implication for entrepreneurial activity.
  • Theoretical and methodological development of the projective nature of human activity in philosophical thought.



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Topic 1. Introduction to the Methodology of Science


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